Are you sitting comfortably? Show your staff you care.

British office workers spend the equivalent of five years of their lives sitting at their desks, according to new research. That equates to nearly five hours a day sitting at a desk without moving, which is almost 24 continuous hours a week and around 45 days a year.

The research shows that on average, office workers spend 55 per cent of their working day sat down with almost 60 per cent saying they don’t even take a lunch break and instead eat at their desk.

With these impelling statements getting the right chair for your employees is imperative.

Operator chair, Task, Orthopaedic, Executive, Meeting, Break Out, Reception and Canteen, these are the main commercial seating subheadings, however where and what do you need can be confusing?

We at Smiths offer a free advice, seating assessment and trial. One of our qualified seating representatives will visit your premises and listen to your needs. They will come up with several options and most importantly install loan chairs for you to demo and trial for up to a week. We even have a range of chairs suitable for people with back problems OUR ORTHOPAEDIC RANGE. Consequently, when you finally order your new chairs you will know they are exactly what you require.